8 Top Tips To Create Perfect Bridal Hair

Creating that perfect hair style for your big day can be difficult with so much inspiration around however, here are a few vital top tips to help you keep your sanity.

This valuable advice was given to us by the talented Dani Maci, a Senior Stylist at a top London Salon. You can find her on twitter @danielamaci1711. Say hello to her as she is absolutely lovely, is very happy to offer her advice and is very passionate about making sure you feel fabulous on your wedding day!

  1. Talk to your regular stylist and ask their opinion as to what would suit your hair type and your personality. Take along a photo of your dress as this will add an important element to the discussion too.
  2. Look at your current hair style and condition. What would you like it to look on your wedding day compared to how it is now? Look at the colour, condition and style. Most things are achievable with enough time to plan so if you want a completely different style to what you currently have, your stylist can advise an action plan for you, taking into consideration the time frame.
  3. Great hair care is a must and should be prescribed to you by your stylist: very few people have perfect hair without it.
  4. Do some research on hairstyles. Once you have chosen your dress, think about how your hair can complement your outfit. What are your priorities, do you want a fringe, to cover your ears/neck, ringlets etc? Take some pictures along to your stylist for you both to try out. Take photos of the different styles you try to share with friends and family for their opinions. Trial out a style for the day; that up do you want may not be very comfortable or very ‘you’ in reality.
  5. Schedule in your appointments. 3 – 4 months before your wedding day, make sure you have booked in your appointments so that they can fit in with your increasingly busy diary.
  6. Brief your bridesmaids. If you have a specific look in mind discuss this with them so that they can prepare in advance of the big day. Look at styles that will complement your style as well as suit them and their outfits.
  7. Be realistic. If you want another 6 inches of length on you locks with only 8 weeks to go, you will have to think of a plan B. Look at trying out extensions or perhaps even go for a different style.
  8. And finally, trust in your stylist. Your stylist should care about making you look fabulous on your wedding day and you should be able to trust them to do this. If you have any doubts, make sure you deal with them sooner rather than later. Ask questions and explore options, so that you are 100% sure on your choices and are completely happy on your wedding day.

A Bit Of Martha Stewart Halloween Love

Sinister Guacamole - or Spooky Green Gunge!

Whilst this is not necessarily wedding related, I wanted to share with you my last cooking adventure that I conjured up for my sisters birthday. On Halloween! I’m not the best of chefs to be honest so when I decided that I was going to surprise my sister with Halloween canapés and cocktails, I needed some fantastic recipes to follow. And so I turned to the fabulous Martha Stewart – inspiration and easy recipes abound!

I would encourage anyone looking to put on a party themselves to have a look at Martha’s website and of course her wedding website is a feast for inspiration too, anything from latest trends to DIY advice through to top styling tips – a brilliant port of call for all brides!

Anyhow, here are some pics (apologies for the appalling camera work!):

Did anyone else have a Halloween party this year?

Lou x

Fabulous Flowers – they are just that!

I met with the rather lovely Matthew from Fabulous Flowers this week for a good catch up. It was great to hear what they’ve been up to and how fantastically busy they have been this season but even better to hear that the season hasn’t really finished! I’m so pleased that couples are deciding to get married ‘out of season’ as the autumn and winter can be such beautiful months to tie the knot!

In a minefield of decision-making and budget setting, I thought it might be helpful to hear some words of advice from Matthew on how to go about choosing flowers for your special day. Matthew kindly agreed to me asking loads of questions on behalf of my fabulous readers and his pearls of wisdom are below:

  • How do you start choosing your wedding day flowers?

    Photo credit: Courtesy of Mr & Mrs Alderton

Think about what the style for your day is and what would best reflect your personalities. Your florist should help you do this. Your flowers should be in keeping with your overall theme for your wedding.

Choose seasonal flowers as these will be easier to source and competitive on price.

Fabulous Flowers do also source as many locally grown flowers as possible.

  • Where should flowers be placed throughout your big day?

Photo credit: RBBM Photography

Matthew suggests walking through the day in your mind and thinking about the most obvious places to put flowers for maximum impact. Bear in mind your photos and think about how long your guests will get to enjoy the flowers in each place. For example, your table decorations should be your biggest spend as this is where your guests will get to admire the displays for the longest amount of time and they can make a big impact on your table setting.

  • How do you start setting a flower budget?

Its safe to assume that flowers should be approximately 10% of your overall budget, scaling up and down on the amount and importance to you.

  • What style bouquet should you choose?

Photo credit: RBBM Photography. These beautiful flowers were created by Emma Walker Flowers for my own wedding.

Matthew always asks to see a picture of the brides dress and works with the concept that elaborate bouquets tend to work with ornate wedding gowns that have full skirts and long trains where simple designs suit sleek dresses. You should always see the brides hips either side of the bouquet too.

  • What style has been popular this year?

    Photo Credit: Lightdraw Photography

Colour blocking and purple have been used widely this year but of course the classic green and white combination continues to be extremely popular with many brides.

  • What styles look popular for next year?

    Photo credit: Brown’s Bride window display captured by me!

As the Great Gatsby is due for release at the end of this year, Matthew feels that the 1920’s & 1930’s are going to be a popular choice. Glamorous and stylish, there have already been hints of this on the catwalks with dress designers showcasing fitted dresses with lace as well as sleek silk dresses with diamante detailing.

Thanks so much Matthew for giving us such useful advice!

Please do pop in to see Matthew if you are still looking for your florist; he is a great listener and visionary with very high standards of service. Everything you should be looking for in a florist! www.fabulousflowers.biz

Museum Magic – Beautiful Ashmolean Photo Shoot

On May 28th 2012 an amazing collective of talented individuals gathered together at the Ashmolean Museum, for what would be a brilliant day full of the very best in wedding style.

I was thrilled that Ellie Sanderson asked me on board to help organise this inspirational photo shoot and we set to work bringing together a brilliant mix of industry experts. The talented team were:

David Bostock – The Bridal Photographer

Joyce Connor – Brides and Beauty Makeup

Dani Maci – Hair Stylist

Aaron John – Clements and Church Tailors

Matthew Taylor – Fabulous Flowers

And of course Ellie Sanderson Bridal Boutique provided the gorgeous gowns.

All set in the gorgeous location of the Ashmolean Museum, many thanks to Anna Pickvance and Paula for granting us permission.

It was a busy day with lots to fit in but I am sure you will agree that all that hard work was worth it when you look at the stunning images.

Our aim was to showcase the beautiful gowns in an unusual setting, highlighting that a museum can be an exciting place for your special day.

Let me know what you think, I hope you find the images inspiring!

We started in the dramatic Atrium, there were endless photo opportunities on this fabulous staircase with lots of natural light:

Miss Ellie in action adding her magic touch to the gorgeous veil:

These striking images are taken from the balcony above the Atrium – wonderful:

Next stop was the cast gallery. Here you can have an intimate ceremony amongst ancient statues:

I love this headpeice and veil combo, just beautiful.

We then moved outside just as the sun came out, up onto the terrace with stunning views across Oxford:

After a change into something a little more classic we moved to the Mallet Gallery, with more of a traditional feel this is the Ashmolean’s most popular rooms for couples getting married and you can understand why as the paintings and sweeping staircase really create such a dramatic setting.

And what girl wouldn’t want to twirl in that glorious dress?

The Egyptian Rooms were next on the agenda:

And this called for a stunning Jenny Packham dress and striking headpiece, not to mention the daper grooms suit!

The last port of call was the impressive outside of the museum itself. There were lots of tourist milling around at this point, all in awe of our beautiful bride and handsome groom, not to mention their gorgeous outfits!

Ellie decided to go for a more modern look for these shots and I think these guys look stunning – that veil and headpiece is wonderful!

If you are interested in any of these stunning gowns please do get in touch with Ellie Sanderson and if the suits are just what you are looking for, Clements and Church are your guys.

I would highly recommend working with Joyce and Dani for your hair and makeup, such fab ladies that will make you look stunning – what more could you want?

Oh and the flowers, seriously the boys at Fabulous Flowers are ace and so talented too.

It goes without saying that David Bostock takes fabulous images and I would recommend getting in touch asap with him if you are looking for a photographer as he does get busy.

And lastly, the Ashmolean Museum. The team here work hard to create the wedding of your dreams and I think you will agree that the venue itself is one of a kind!

‘Till next time.

Lou x

Is your groom feeling left out?

There was a fabulous discussion yesterday morning on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour featuring wedding planner extraordinaire Sarah Hayward and Craig Morris from iamstaggared.com. They were talking about how most grooms and their families invariably feel left out of the wedding planning and how to perhaps combat this. Here are a few of their helpful tips:

  • Set expectations at the very beginning of the process: how do people want to be involved, who is contributing funds, are there deeper issues that need to be resolved.
  • Be prepared to listen to your groom: it is traditional for the woman to organise the wedding but it is your grooms day too, he may just need a little encouragement to start putting his ideas forward.
  • If you are a groom that feels left out stand up for yourself and your family.
  • Ask your groom to get into the wedding planning mood by looking at websites such as www.iamstaggared.com – 1 third of all grooms in the UK visit this site every year.
  • Why not ask the father of the groom to be your master of ceremony so that he has a key role to play in your day.

If you want to listen to the whole discussion, follow this link:


What do you feel about this? Are you encountering these kind of problems? How have you resolved them?

It would be great to hear your thoughts!

Lou x

The Art of Marriage

This is such a thoughtful and inspiring poem, I thought I would share it with you all. I think its a fabulous set of values to aspire to achieve in a marriage!

A good marriage must be created.

In the marriage the little things are the big things.

It is never being too old to hold hands.

It is remembering to say ‘I love you’ at least once a day.

It is never going to sleep angry.

It is having a mutual sense of values and common objectives.

It is standing together and facing the world…..

It is forming a circle of love that gathers in the whole family.

It is speaking words of appreciation and demonstrating gratitude in
thoughtful ways.

It is having the capacity to forgive and forget.

It is giving each other an atmosphere in which each can grow.

It is a common search for the good and the beautiful.

It is not only marrying the right person.

It is being the right partner.

Wilferd A. Peterson.

This poem (short version) was included in a 1961 anthology published by Simon & Schuster, USA, and copyrighted in the name of Wilferd A. Peterson.

All you need is Love

I was lucky enough to attend my cousins beautiful wedding in Austria this weekend. The service took place in the most ornate, romantic, intimate church I’ve ever been in, nestled amongst the Austrian Alps. It struck me, that even though I don’t speak German I could still understand everything that was happening; the emotional content of the service was palpable and the love for Adam and Andrea that filled that little chapel was overwhelming.


I always underestimate how emotional a wedding can be and whilst I have been to many a wedding, I never become numb to that amazing feeling of love that is present throughout the day but especially during the wedding ceremony.

As a bride, I felt incredibly humbled by the amount of love I felt on our wedding day. Everyone that surrounds you on this extraordinary day is there because they love you and want to wish you well on your wonderful journey of marriage. It is magical. I truly hope that Adam and Andrea felt that special vibe themselves on their beautiful day.

And whilst, of course, the focus of the celebrations is about two people committing themselves to their beloveds, surely we should also be celebrating the love that is felt emanating from everyone in attendance. If we could bottle this, I am sure we could heal anything.


Bye for now,

Lou x

Vegas Baby

Source: www.vegas.com

So I was recently working in Vegas on behalf of a client of mine. It is a mind-blowing place and still home to the stereotypical ‘quickie’ wedding. A fellow wedding planner of mine Whitney Wing Drake from Wish Wonder Dream, based in California, said that Vegas ‘still has a reputation for inexpensive weddings or weddings for couples who really love to party but that’s not to say Vegas doesn’t do larger budget weddings.’ Whitney said she saw a 400 person wedding at Caesars Palace Hotel on a wedding show recently. Believe me, you could spend as much money as you like in Vegas.

For me, Vegas felt like a grown ups theme park, the whole place is set up to entertain you, everything is big and bold, the hotels are opulent and grand with fun splashed everywhere.

If you are thinking of getting married in Vegas, there are many Wedding Chapels outside of the hotels, the most famous being:

The Graceland Chapel http://www.gracelandchapel.com/

The Little White Wedding Chapel http://www.alittlewhitechapel.com/

And the Little Church of the West http://www.littlechurchlv.com/

They all have their own style and history and are all conveniently located off the Strip!

But of course there are the hotels themselves – they are astounding. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to explore all of them but I did manage to visit The Wynn and what a stunner that was. The entrance was magnificent and the lobby area was beautifully styled like a forest lit up with fairy lights, I especially LOVED the flower pom-poms hanging from the trees – something I’m going to keep in mind for my lovely brides as something a bit different.

And I managed to stumble upon a lovely couple who, having just got married, were getting their picture taken on the balcony looking over The Lake of Dreams:

If you are looking for somewhere a bit different though, the beautiful and stylish new Smith Centre is available to hire. http://www.thesmithcenter.com/ The architecture is stunning and the attention to detail is incredible. John Trace showed us around the building and told us about recent clients that hired the whole of the Smith Centre so that they could get married on the stage with 300 guests. What a wedding that must have been!


So it seems that pretty much anything is possible if you’re thinking of getting married in Vegas, you just have to let you imagination fly!

Bye for now,

Lou x


The Power of Scents

I’m sat here burning some Frangipani essential oil which we bought whilst on honeymoon in Bali. One whiff of that beautiful scent and I’m transported back to those glorious, romantic couple of weeks lazing in the sun with my new husband. It is amazing how powerful smells are.

Source: http://www.wikiherb.info/2012/07/frangipani-plumeria-rubra-lcv.html

Looking back, scents were important for me throughout our wedding. I have always found that they imbed themselves into my memory, effectively giving me flashbacks of particular moments in time throughout my life. I wanted to these flashbacks of our wedding day and to be reminded of my emotions, as I knew that overtime my memories would start to get a little hazy.

I hunted a long time for the perfume I would wear on our big day. My regular perfume is lovely but I wanted something that specifically reminded us of our special day. In the end my Mum bought me Coco Mademoiselle as a pre-wedding day present which makes this perfume even more special. When I wear this perfume now I am reminded of so many memories and importantly it makes me feel pretty and feminine as I think back to getting into my amazing dress.


Source: http://www.chanel.com

A good friend of mine burnt Neom Candles at her wedding, which we shamelessly copied. Not only do they smell divine, they added a touch of glamour in places that needed a little oomph! We chose the Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil scent, which is just so fresh and summery…..divine. We burnt them throughout the house leading up to the day, in the rooms where we were getting ready in on the day itself and in strategic places around our marquees too. I also gave them out as gifts to friends that had contributed something special for us on our wedding day. My mum also saved a precious few that she brings out every now and again as a reminder of that amazing day.

Refresh: Home Candle

Source: http://neomorganics.com/refresh-home-candle.html

These smells help me reminisce but they also make me feel wonderfully happy. I’m so pleased that I have something other than hazy memories to rely on to remind me of that special period in my life.

Did you use scents on your special day? Or do you have a signature scent already that you were hoping to wear? I would love to hear your stories!

Bye for now,

Lou x