All you need is Love

I was lucky enough to attend my cousins beautiful wedding in Austria this weekend. The service took place in the most ornate, romantic, intimate church I’ve ever been in, nestled amongst the Austrian Alps. It struck me, that even though I don’t speak German I could still understand everything that was happening; the emotional content of the service was palpable and the love for Adam and Andrea that filled that little chapel was overwhelming.


I always underestimate how emotional a wedding can be and whilst I have been to many a wedding, I never become numb to that amazing feeling of love that is present throughout the day but especially during the wedding ceremony.

As a bride, I felt incredibly humbled by the amount of love I felt on our wedding day. Everyone that surrounds you on this extraordinary day is there because they love you and want to wish you well on your wonderful journey of marriage. It is magical. I truly hope that Adam and Andrea felt that special vibe themselves on their beautiful day.

And whilst, of course, the focus of the celebrations is about two people committing themselves to their beloveds, surely we should also be celebrating the love that is felt emanating from everyone in attendance. If we could bottle this, I am sure we could heal anything.


Bye for now,

Lou x

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