Is your groom feeling left out?

There was a fabulous discussion yesterday morning on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour featuring wedding planner extraordinaire Sarah Hayward and Craig Morris from They were talking about how most grooms and their families invariably feel left out of the wedding planning and how to perhaps combat this. Here are a few of their helpful tips:

  • Set expectations at the very beginning of the process: how do people want to be involved, who is contributing funds, are there deeper issues that need to be resolved.
  • Be prepared to listen to your groom: it is traditional for the woman to organise the wedding but it is your grooms day too, he may just need a little encouragement to start putting his ideas forward.
  • If you are a groom that feels left out stand up for yourself and your family.
  • Ask your groom to get into the wedding planning mood by looking at websites such as – 1 third of all grooms in the UK visit this site every year.
  • Why not ask the father of the groom to be your master of ceremony so that he has a key role to play in your day.

If you want to listen to the whole discussion, follow this link:

What do you feel about this? Are you encountering these kind of problems? How have you resolved them?

It would be great to hear your thoughts!

Lou x

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