The Power of Scents

I’m sat here burning some Frangipani essential oil which we bought whilst on honeymoon in Bali. One whiff of that beautiful scent and I’m transported back to those glorious, romantic couple of weeks lazing in the sun with my new husband. It is amazing how powerful smells are.


Looking back, scents were important for me throughout our wedding. I have always found that they imbed themselves into my memory, effectively giving me flashbacks of particular moments in time throughout my life. I wanted to these flashbacks of our wedding day and to be reminded of my emotions, as I knew that overtime my memories would start to get a little hazy.

I hunted a long time for the perfume I would wear on our big day. My regular perfume is lovely but I wanted something that specifically reminded us of our special day. In the end my Mum bought me Coco Mademoiselle as a pre-wedding day present which makes this perfume even more special. When I wear this perfume now I am reminded of so many memories and importantly it makes me feel pretty and feminine as I think back to getting into my amazing dress.



A good friend of mine burnt Neom Candles at her wedding, which we shamelessly copied. Not only do they smell divine, they added a touch of glamour in places that needed a little oomph! We chose the Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil scent, which is just so fresh and summery…..divine. We burnt them throughout the house leading up to the day, in the rooms where we were getting ready in on the day itself and in strategic places around our marquees too. I also gave them out as gifts to friends that had contributed something special for us on our wedding day. My mum also saved a precious few that she brings out every now and again as a reminder of that amazing day.

Refresh: Home Candle


These smells help me reminisce but they also make me feel wonderfully happy. I’m so pleased that I have something other than hazy memories to rely on to remind me of that special period in my life.

Did you use scents on your special day? Or do you have a signature scent already that you were hoping to wear? I would love to hear your stories!

Bye for now,

Lou x

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