8 Top Tips To Create Perfect Bridal Hair

Creating that perfect hair style for your big day can be difficult with so much inspiration around however, here are a few vital top tips to help you keep your sanity.

This valuable advice was given to us by the talented Dani Maci, a Senior Stylist at a top London Salon. You can find her on twitter @danielamaci1711. Say hello to her as she is absolutely lovely, is very happy to offer her advice and is very passionate about making sure you feel fabulous on your wedding day!

  1. Talk to your regular stylist and ask their opinion as to what would suit your hair type and your personality. Take along a photo of your dress as this will add an important element to the discussion too.
  2. Look at your current hair style and condition. What would you like it to look on your wedding day compared to how it is now? Look at the colour, condition and style. Most things are achievable with enough time to plan so if you want a completely different style to what you currently have, your stylist can advise an action plan for you, taking into consideration the time frame.
  3. Great hair care is a must and should be prescribed to you by your stylist: very few people have perfect hair without it.
  4. Do some research on hairstyles. Once you have chosen your dress, think about how your hair can complement your outfit. What are your priorities, do you want a fringe, to cover your ears/neck, ringlets etc? Take some pictures along to your stylist for you both to try out. Take photos of the different styles you try to share with friends and family for their opinions. Trial out a style for the day; that up do you want may not be very comfortable or very ‘you’ in reality.
  5. Schedule in your appointments. 3 – 4 months before your wedding day, make sure you have booked in your appointments so that they can fit in with your increasingly busy diary.
  6. Brief your bridesmaids. If you have a specific look in mind discuss this with them so that they can prepare in advance of the big day. Look at styles that will complement your style as well as suit them and their outfits.
  7. Be realistic. If you want another 6 inches of length on you locks with only 8 weeks to go, you will have to think of a plan B. Look at trying out extensions or perhaps even go for a different style.
  8. And finally, trust in your stylist. Your stylist should care about making you look fabulous on your wedding day and you should be able to trust them to do this. If you have any doubts, make sure you deal with them sooner rather than later. Ask questions and explore options, so that you are 100% sure on your choices and are completely happy on your wedding day.

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