Working with talented and respected individuals from the sound and lighting industries, I can help you create the right atmosphere and feel for your venue. Sound and lighting can literally make or break an event – they are such important elements to a design that are often overlooked. Lighting the inside and outside of a venue, be it a marquee or building, has such a massive impact.

Lighting creates the ambience of an event – think how different a rooms looks when candlelit – lighting can create different moods throughout the event, from warm and inviting to welcome your guests, to energetic and fun for some dancing, and then soothing chill-out at the end of an evening. My design team will work with you to develop a lighting ‘theme’ for your event.

Sound also is vital when ensuring that the band you have hired sound their best and can be heard where you need them to be heard. Once the design is in place, I can implement it with my team of specialists and manage the systems on the day as well.

I can provide costs on request once we have talked through your requirements.